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Your Logo on Printable Targets

We have a feature to allow you to put your own branding on targets that we generate out of Reloaders Log. We will replace our logo with your logo.

This Service is Totally Free to you.

Head on over to our Target Generator and create a few for yourself to view what can be done.

Friend of Reloaders Log and Reciprocal Links

We have a linking system on our main site for friends of Reloaders Log and reciprocal links. The links are selected at random and show up in our Latest Information panel on the right of our site below Reloaders Log news (this panel shows up on many pages within our site).

If you have a blog that is updated frequently we can show the latest postings below the link to your web site.
The title of your site is a live link aswell as the post links.
If you do not have a frequently updated blog we can also link to your site with a small description below the site title.

The title and link of your web site is generated directly inside the page so search engines will see it (we do not put it in as a iframe or javascript).
The posts from your blog are added after the page has been loaded (these will not be indexed by search engines).

If you would like to have a link to your site, please contact us and we will be happy to add you (you must be reloading and/or shooting related), we may ask for a reciprocal links.

Your Banner Ad on the Right Panel of the Site

If you would like to have a small banner ad display on this web site (similar to the Dreamhost Ad), please Contact Us for more information.


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