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You can Add any Brass that you use that may not be available in the Reloaders Log Databases. To start with it will only be available to you, but after review it will become available to everyone.

Manufacturers Available:
Custom Wildcat, Federal Premium, Fiocchi, Lake City, Lapua, Mixed Brass, Norma, Prvi, Remington, Sellier and Bellot, Starline, Winchester

If you find that any of our listings are incorrect, please contact us immediately via our Contact Us form.

.17Remington17 RemingtonRC17R 
.17Remington17 Remington FireballRC17FB 
.204Norma.204 Ruger20255101 
.204Remington204 RugerRC204R 
.204Winchester204 RugerWSC204RU 
.22Prvi22 HornetC-193 
.22Remington22 HornetRC22H 
.22Sellier and Bellot22 HornetV337002 
.22Winchester22 HornetWSC22HU 
.22-250Lapua.22-250 Rem. 4 PH 5001  
.22-250Norma22-250 Rem20257311 
.22-250Remington22-250 RemingtonRC2250R 
.22-250Sellier and Bellot22-250 RemV337962 
.22-250Winchester22-250 Rem.WSC22250U 
.22-6.5x47mmCustom Wildcat22-6.5x47 Wildcat 
.220Norma220 Swift20257011 
.220Remington220 SwiftRC220S 
.220Winchester220 SwiftWSC220SU 
.221Remington221 Fireball RC221FB 
.222Norma222 Rem20257111 
.222Prvi222 RemingtonC-032 
.222Remington222 RemingtonRC222R 
.222Sellier and Bellot222 RemV337032 
.222Winchester222 RemingtonWSC222RU 
.223Federal PremiumP223UPB100P223UPB100 
.223Fiocchi.223 Remington 
.223Lake City.223 Remington 
.223Lapua.223 Rem. 4 PH 5003  
.223Mixed Brass.223 Remington 
.223Norma223 Rem20257211 
.223Prvi223 RemingtonC-132 
.223Remington223 RemingtonRC223R 
.223Sellier and Bellot223 RemV337062 
.223Winchester223 RemingtonWSC223RU 
.223Winchester223 WSSMWSC223WSSU 
.224Lapua22 Christel 
.225Winchester225 Win.WSC225WU 
.243Federal PremiumP243UPB50P243UPB50 
.243Lapua.243 Win. 4 PH 6009  
.243Norma243 Win20260011 
.243Prvi243 WinchesterC-134 
.243Remington243 WinRC243W 
.243Sellier and Bellot243 WinV337152 
.243Winchester243 Win.WSC243WU 
.243Winchester243 WSSMWSC243WSSU 
.25Winchester25 WSSMWSC25WSSU 
.25-06Remington25-06 RemingtonRC2506R 
.25-06Winchester25-06 Rem.WSC2506RU 
.25-20Remington25-20 WinRC2520W 
.25-20Winchester25-20 Win.WSC2520U 
.25-35Winchester25-35 WinchesterWSC2535WU 
.250Winchester250 SavageWSC250SU 
.257Remington257 RobertsRC257R 
.257Winchester257 Roberts +PWSC257PU 
.260Lapua.260 Remington 4 PH 6050  
.260Norma260 Rem20266021 
.260Remington260 RemingtonRC260R 
.264Norma264 Win Mag20268021 
.264Prvi264 Winchester MagnumC-114 
.264Winchester264 Win. Mag.WSC264WMU 
.270Federal PremiumP270UPB50P270UPB50 
.270Federal PremiumP270WSMUPB50P270WSMUPB50 
.270Norma270 Win20269011 
.270Norma270 WSM20269071 
.270Prvi270 WinchesterC-027 
.270Remington270 WinRC270W 
.270Remington270 WSMRC270WSM 
.270Sellier and Bellot270 WinV337302 
.270Winchester270 Win.WSC270WU 
.270Winchester270 WSMWSC270WSMU 
.280Norma280 Rem20270501 
.280Remington280 RemingtonRC280R 
.280Winchester280 Rem.WSC280RU 
.284Winchester284 Win.WSC284WU 
.30Prvi30 CarbineC-024 
.30Sellier and Bellot30 CarbineV337812 
.30Winchester30 CarbineWSC30CU 
.30Winchester30 LugerWSC30LU 
.30-06Federal PremiumP3006UPB50P3006UPB50 
.30-06Lapua.30-06 Spring. 4 PH 7068  
.30-06Remington30-06 SpringfieldRC3006 
.30-06Winchester30-06 SpringfieldWSC3006SFU 
.30-30Federal PremiumP3030UPB50P3030UPB50 
.30-30Remington30-30 WinRC3030W 
.30-30Sellier and Bellot30-30 WinV337932 
.30-30Winchester30-30 Win.WSC3030WU 
.30-40Winchester30-40 KragWSC3040KU 
.300Federal PremiumP300RUMUPB50P300RUMUPB50 
.300Federal PremiumP300UPB50P300UPB50 
.300Federal PremiumP300WSMUPB50P300WSMUPB50 
.300Norma300 H&H Mag20276531 
.300Norma300 Norma Mag20275611 
.300Norma300 SAUM20276111 
.300Norma300 Win Mag20276661 
.300Norma300 WSM20276761 
.300Prvi300 Winchester MagnumC-116 
.300Remington300 Remington Short Action Ultra MagRC300RS 
.300Remington300 Remington Ultra MagRC300RA 
.300Remington300 Win MagRC300WM 
.300Remington300 WSMRC300WSM 
.300Sellier and Bellot300 Win MagV337782 
.300Winchester300 SavageWSC300SU 
.300Winchester300 Win. Mag.WSC300WMU 
.300Winchester300 WSMWSC300WSMU 
.303Prvi303 BritishC-125 
.303Remington303 BritishRC303B 
.303Sellier and Bellot303 BritishV337452 
.303Winchester303 BritishWSC303BU 
.307Winchester307 Win.WSC307U 
.308Federal PremiumP308UPB50P308UPB50 
.308Lake City.308 Winchester 
.308Lapua.308 Win. 4 PH 7217  
.308Lapua.308 Win. Palma 4 PH 7226  
.308Mixed Brass.308 Winchester 
.308Norma308 Norma Mag20276371 
.308Norma308 Win20276231 
.308Prvi308 Winchester (7.62x51 mm)C-020 
.308Remington308 WinRC308W 
.308Sellier and Bellot308 WinV337482 
.308Winchester308 Win.WSC308WU 
.32Lapua.32 S&W Long 4 HH 8021  
.32Sellier and Bellot.32 S&W LongV316532 
.32Sellier and Bellot7,65 BrowningV316102 
.32Winchester32 Short ColtWSC32SCU 
.32Winchester32 Win SpecialWSC32WSU 
.32Winchester32 Win. SpecialWSC32WSU 
.32-20Remington32-20 WinRC3220W 
.32-20Winchester32-20 Win.WSC3220U 
.32-40Winchester32-40 Win.WSC3240WU 
.325Winchester325 WSMWSC325WSMU 
.327Federal PremiumP327UPB100P327UPB100 
.338Federal PremiumP338FUPB50P338FUPB50 
.338Lapua.338 Lapua Mag. 4 PH 8068  
.338Norma338 Lapua Magnum20285071 
.338Norma338 Norma Mag20285201 
.338Norma338 Win Mag20285041 
.338Prvi338 Lapua MagnumC-421 
.338Remington338 Remington Ultra MagRC338RA 
.338Remington338 Win MagRC338WM 
.338Winchester338 Win. Mag.WSC338WMU 
.348Winchester348 WinchesterWSC348WMU 
.35Norma35 Whelen20290021 
.35Remington35 WhelenRC35WH 
.35Winchester35 Rem.WSC35REMU 
.350Remington350 Remington MagnumRC350R 
.356Winchester356 Win.WSC356U 
.357Remington357 Magnum RC357MG 
.357Remington357 Maximum RC357X 
.357Sellier and Bellot.357 MagnumV316402 
.357Sellier and Bellot.357 SIGV316952 
.357Winchester357 MagnumWSC357MU 
.357Winchester357 SigWSC357SIGU 
.358Norma358 Norma Mag20290011 
.358Winchester358 Win.WSC358U 
.375Norma375 Flanged Magnum NE20295151 
.375Norma375 H&H Mag20295011 
.375Prvi375 H&H MagnumC-265 
.375Remington375 H&H MagnumRC375H 
.375Remington375 Remington Ultra MagRC375RA 
.375Winchester375 Win.WSC375WU 
.38Prvi38 SpecialC-050 
.38Remington38 Special RC38SP 
.38Remington38 Super Auto +P RC38AS 
.38Sellier and Bellot.38 SpecialV316352 
.38Winchester38 SpecialWSC38SU 
.38Winchester38 Super Auto+UWSC38AS+U 
.38-40Winchester38-40 Win.WSC3840U 
.38-55Winchester38-55 Win.WSC3855WU 
.40Remington40 S&W RC40SW 
.40Sellier and Bellot.40 S&WV316452 
.40Winchester40 Smith & WessonWSC40SWU 
.400Mixed Brass40 S&W 
.400Starline40 S&W Brass (Small Pistol primer) .842"-.847 
.404Norma404 Rimless NE20210431 
.41Remington41 Remington Magnum RC41RA 
.41Winchester41 Rem. Mag.WSC41RMU 
.416Norma416 Rem. Mag20210691 
.416Norma416 Rigby20210601 
.416Norma416 Taylor20210671 
.416Norma500/416 NE20210701 
.44Remington44 Remington Magnum RC44RA 
.44Remington44 S&W RC44SW 
.44Sellier and Bellot.44 Rem. Mag.V316602 
.44Winchester44 Rem. Mag.WSC44MU 
.44Winchester44 Smith & WessonWSC44SWU 
.44-40Remington44-40 WinRC4440W 
.44-40Winchester44-40 Win.WSC4440WU 
.45Federal PremiumP45UPB100P45UPB100 
.45Norma45 Cylindrical20211231 
.45Remington45 AutoRC45A 
.45Remington45 Colt RC45C 
.45Sellier and Bellot.45 Auto V316502 
.45Winchester45 AutomaticWSC45AU 
.45Winchester45 ColtWSC45COLTU 
.45Winchester45 G.A.P.WSC45GU 
.45-70Remington45-70 Govt.RC4570G 
.45-70Winchester45-70 Gov.WSC4570GU 
.450Norma450 Rigby Rimless20211401 
.458Norma458 Lott20211571 
.458Norma458 Win20211551 
.458Winchester458 Win. Mag.WSC458WMU 
.470Norma470 NE20211631 
.50Prvi50 BrowningC-258 
.500Norma500 Jeffery20213151 
.500Norma500 NE20213001 
.500Winchester500 S&WWSC500SWU 
.505Norma505 Magnum Gibbs20213101 
12.7mmPrvi12.7 mm DShK (Berdan)C-254 
12.7x57Prvi12.7 x 57C-337 
22-250Prvi22-250 RemingtonC-211 
25-06Prvi25-06 RemingtonC-046 
30-06Prvi30-06 Springfield (7.62x63 mm)C-062 
30-06Sellier and Bellot30-06 SpringfieldV337512 
40mmFederal PremiumP40UPB100P40UPB100 
45-70Prvi45-70 GovernmentC-448 
5.45x39mmPrvi5.45 x 39C-011 
5.6x50mmSellier and Bellot5,6 x 50 R MagnumV337092 
5.6x52mmSellier and Bellot5,6 x 52 RV337122 
6.55x55Prvi6.55 x 55 SwedishC-083 
6.55x57Prvi6.55 x 57 MauseC-117 
6.5mmLapua6.5 4 PH 6030  
6.5mmLapua6.5 Grendel 4 PH 6020  
6.5mmPrvi6.5 mm GrendelC-483 
6.5x284Lapua6.5 x 284 Lapua 
6.5x47mmLapua6.5 x 47 Lapua 4 PH 6010  
6.5x51Norma6,5 Jap20265311 
6.5x51Prvi6.5 x 51 Arisaka (Japanese)C-385 
6.5x52Norma6,5 Carcano20265351 
6.5x52Prvi6.5 x 52 Carcano (6.7 mm bullets)C-118 
6.5x52Prvi6.5 x 52 Carcano (6.8 mm bullets)C-352 
6.5x52mmSellier and Bellot6,5 x 52 RV337182 
6.5x54Norma6,5x54 MS20265451 
6.5x55mmLapua6.5 x 55 SE 4 PH 6012  
6.5x55mmRemington6.5 x 55 Swedish MauserRC65S 
6.5x55mmSellier and Bellot6,5 x 55 SEV337212 
6.5x55mmWinchester6.5x55 SwedishWSC6555SU 
6.5x57mmSellier and Bellot6,5 x 57V337242 
6.5x57mmSellier and Bellot6,5 x 57 RV337272 
6.8mmRemington6.8 Remington SPCRC68SPCR 
6mmLapua6 mm BR Norma 4 PH 6046  
6mmPrvi6 mm RemingtonC-131 
6mmRemington6mm RemingtonRC6MMR 
6mmWinchester6mm Rem.WSC6MMRU 
6mm Norma BRNorma6 mm Norma BR10260151 
6mm XCNorma6 mm XC10260181 
7.5x54Prvi7.5 x 54 FrenchC-346 
7.5x55Norma7,5x55 Swiss20275111 
7.5x55Prvi7.5x55 SwissC-345 
7.62mmLapua7.62 x 53R/54R 4 PH 7215  
7.62x39mmLapua7.62 x 39 4 PH 7074  
7.62x39mmPrvi7.62x39 mmC-030 
7.62x39mmSellier and Bellot7,62 x 39V337542 
7.62x54mmPrvi7.62x54 RC-031 
7.62x54mmSellier and Bellot7,62 x 54RV337752 
7.65mmNorma7,65 Arg20277011 
7.65x53Prvi7.65 x 53 ArgentineC-129 
7.7mmNorma7,7 Jap20277211 
7.7x58Prvi7.7 x 58 JapaneseC-383 
7.92x33Prvi7.92 x 33 KurtzC-424 
7mmFederal PremiumP7UPB50P7UPB50 
7mmNorma7mm Rem Mag20270211 
7mmPrvi7 mm Mauser (SAAMI)C-478 
7mmPrvi7 mm Remington MagnumC-115 
7mmRemington7mm Remington MagnumRC7MMG 
7mmRemington7mm Remington Short Action Ultra MagRC7MMRS 
7mmRemington7mm Remington Ultra MagRC7MMRA 
7mmWinchester7mm MauserWSC7MMAU 
7mmWinchester7mm Rem. Mag.WSC7MMRU 
7mmWinchester7mm WSMWSC7MMWSMU 
7mm - 08Prvi7 mm - 08 RemingtonC-400 
7mm SAUM WildcatNorma7mm Christel 
7mm-08Norma7mm-08 Rem20270221 
7mm-08Remington7mm-08 RemingtonRC7M08R 
7mm-08Winchester7mm-08 RemingtonWSC708RU 
7mm-284Custom Wildcat7mm-284 Wildcat 
7x57Prvi7 x 57 (CIP)C-051 
7x57Prvi7x57 RC-098 
7x57mmSellier and Bellot7 x 57V337332 
7x57mmSellier and Bellot7 x 57RV337362 
7x61mmNorma7x61 Super20270111 
7x64Prvi7 x 64C-064 
7x64mmSellier and Bellot7 x 64V337392 
7x65Prvi7 x 65 RC-122 
7x65mmSellier and Bellot7 x 65RV337422 
8mmPrvi8 mm Mauser (SAAMI)C-022 
8mmRemington8mm MauserRC8MSR 
8mmRemington8mm Remington MagnumRC8MMG 
8mmWinchester8mm MauserWSC8MMAU 
8x50Prvi8 x 50 R LebelC-417 
8x56Prvi8 x 56 RS MannlicherC-384 
8x57Prvi8 x 57 IRSC-475 
8x57mmNorma8x57 JRS20280141 
8x57mmNorma8x57 JS20280011 
8x57mmPrvi8x57 IS (7.9x57 mm)C-128 
8x57mmSellier and Bellot8 x 57 JRV337572 
8x57mmSellier and Bellot8 x 57 JRSV337632 
8x57mmSellier and Bellot8 x 57 JSV337602 
8x60Prvi8 x 60 SC-474 
8x64mmSellier and Bellot8 x 64 SV337662 
9.3x62Prvi9.3 x 62C-330 
9.3x62mmLapua9.3 x 62 4 PH 9050  
9.3x62mmSellier and Bellot9,3 x 62V337862 
9.3x72mmSellier and Bellot9,3 x 72 RV337692 
9.3x74mmSellier and Bellot9,3 x 74 RV337722 
9mmFederal PremiumP9UPB100P9UPB100 
9mmLapua9 mm Luger 4 HH 9030  
9mmPrvi9 mm Luger (9x21 mm)C-033 
9mmRemington9mm Luger RC9MM 
9mmSellier and Bellot9 mm Browning CourtV316152 
9mmSellier and Bellot9 mm LugerV316202 
9mmSellier and Bellot9 mm MakarovV316302 
9mmWinchester9mm LugerWSC9U 
9x21mmSellier and Bellot9 x 21V316252 

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