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You can Add any Primer that you use that may not be available in the Reloaders Log Databases. To start with it will only be available to you, but after review it will become available to everyone.

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ManufacturerSize / TypeProductItemCode
CCILarge Pistol3000012 
CCILarge Pistol350 Mag0016 
CCILarge Rifle2000011 
CCILarge Rifle250 Mag0015 
CCILarge RifleBR20010 
CCISmall Pistol5000014 
CCISmall Pistol550 Mag0018 
CCISmall Rifle4000013 
CCISmall Rifle450 Mag0017 
CCISmall RifleBR40019 
Federal PremiumAR Small Rifle MatchGM205MAR 
Federal PremiumLarge Magnum Pistol155 
Federal PremiumLarge Magnum Pistol MatchGM155M 
Federal PremiumLarge Magnum Rifle215 
Federal PremiumLarge Magnum Rifle MatchGM215M 
Federal PremiumLarge Pistol150 
Federal PremiumLarge Pistol MatchGM150M 
Federal PremiumLarge Rifle210 
Federal PremiumLarge Rifle MatchGM210M 
Federal PremiumShotshell209A 
Federal PremiumSmall Magnum Pistol200 
Federal PremiumSmall Magnum Pistol MatchGM200M 
Federal PremiumSmall Pistol100 
Federal PremiumSmall Pistol MatchGM100M 
Federal PremiumSmall Rifle205 
Federal PremiumSmall Rifle MatchGM205M 
WinchesterLarge Regular PistolWLP#7 - 111 
WinchesterLarge RifleWLR#8-1/2 - 120 
WinchesterLarge Rifle MagnumWLRM#8-1/2M - 120 
WinchesterShotgun Shells#209W209#209 
WinchesterSmall Magnum PistolWSPM#1-1/2M - 108 
WinchesterSmall Regular PistolWSP#1-1/2 - 108 
WinchesterSmall RifleWSR#6-1/2 - 116 

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