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What you have

This is where you view an inventory of your components (Bullets in this example).
From here you can Edit, Delete and Add Additional Information within each load (more on this later).

Adding New Items to your Inventory

Standard Dialog where you enter the information for your new components.
In this example we have added a new box of Hornady 68gr Bullets, purchased on the 8th Jan 1012, there are 100 in the box and the batch number is #5465764.

If you select 'Recalculate Price', it will be recalculated this time only by dividing the price by the amount.
Please note: Powder is entered in grains, not pounds or kgs.

Creating a New Batch of Loads for a Specific Load Group

A Load Batch (created from your inventory) is a set of ammo that will be used as a group on 1 target spot. When entering a new Range Result you will be given the option of selecting which batch was used to get that result.
eg. You may be testing this load with 25.0gr of powder and 25.5gr of powder - these would be 2 different Load Batches. You will enter the group size you get from each batch seperately as they will also be on seperate spots on the target.

From your Load Group Screen you are able to Create New Load Batches for every powder and COL setting you have.
You will only be able to Create New Loads if you have the components in your actual Inventory. See above.
From this list you are able to view how many Loads you have made up for this spec.

Clicking on the Star icon/button to the right of the load you want to create will give you this dialog:

From here you select your components, they are listed in the form of quantity, batch number, component, purchase date.
You must enter a Load Date, Quantity (how many are in this batch) and Brass Fired (how many times the brass has been fired). You also have the option of removing the brass from your inventory (but usually you won't as it can be reused).
Once you click the Save button, all relative components / quantities will be removed from your inventory (with Brass as the exception).

Back in your Inventory Loads Created Screen

Here you are able to view a list of all Loads you currently have available for shooting. Once they have been assigned to a Range Result or Used (via clicking the cross icon/button) they will no longer be visible.
If you alter the 'Qty. Made' value manually, this will not alter your inventory.

What you have After Creating Loads

Clicking the small arrow to the left of the line item will show the sub group information. These Sub Groups can be deleted later manually. As you can see your inventory has been decreased by 5 for that specific bullet and a sub entry has been added to show what batch (ReloadersLog Batch) was created (we created 5 loads in the previous step).

Using Your Created Loads

From the Range Results Screen you will be able to create a new result based on what you tested at the range.
Click 'Add New Range Test for this Load Group' to enter your results.

If you have a 'Load Batch' (or multiple batches) made up that matches the 'Load' you select at the top of this dialog, it will select them in the next popup menu and fill in the 'Shots Fired'.
The selected 'Load Batch' will be marked as Used and removed from your made up ammo.

You will now have a new entry in your Range results that look similar to the following.
If you do not want this result to be used in calculations for reports etc., click the 'circle' icon/button to the right of the row.

As you will also notice the sub group matching this batch of your load has been updated with the word Tested to let you know it has been used.

Now its Your Turn

Hopefully this has helped you get a understanding of how inventory fits into the scheme of things over here at Reloaders Log. we wish you all the best and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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