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Help - Making a Load

Starting at your Load Group

From your Dashboard click the right arrow to the right of the load you would like to create - this will take you to the Load Group page which shows all COL's and Powder Weights related to the 4 base components you have.
In this example we will create a batch load of 50gr V-MAX using 22.50gr of ADI Benchmark 2.
Click Star button to the right of the row you would like to create a batch of and it will present you with the following dialog.

Creating the Batch of Ammo

From this dialog you will see:
  1. Bullet / Primer / Brass / Powder: Based on your inventory - it will list all applicable items (The first number is how many you have of that item, The second is the batch number for that inventory item) .
    Make Sure you have the correct item selected
  2. Load Date: The date you created the load - to select today, just click in it and press return or enter.
  3. COL: Prefilled with the COL for this batch you want to make. This is not editable as you already selected this when clicking the Star button
  4. Powder Weight: Prefilled with the Powder Weight for this batch you want to make. This is not editable as you already selected this when clicking the Star button.
  5. Quantity: How many rounds have you made (From experience it is better to create these loads AFTER you have actually made them as this information is not easy to change afterwards.
  6. Brass Fired: How many times has the brass already been fired.
  7. Remove Brass: Do you want to remove the brass from your inventory. We reccomend that you DO NOT remove it from inventory and just manage it when you are sorting and checking it later via the Inventory page.
Your inventory will have the selected items decreased (except brass) by the quantity entered in this dialog.

Your Loads (Batches)

Clicking "Your Loads" from under the Inventory menu on the left you will see a list of all loads you have created. Any loads that have been used on a Range Result or deleted will not be visible.
This list shows:
  1. Batch: The dynamically generated batch number for that load you just made.
  2. Quantity Made: How many items of this batch you made.
  3. Brass Used: How many times the brass has been fired.
  4. Cost: An estimated cost for that batch you just created. This is based on the unit cost against each inventory item you used. Brass is unit cost divided by the estimated uses you will get from it.
This is just a quick overview of what you have to take to the range with you.

Back in your Inventory

For conveinance we also add the batch you just created as a subgroup under each of the components used. This will display "Tested" when it has been used in a range test.

Range Results

When you have used the batch it will when you enter a Range Result for that COL and Powder and removed from the above list.

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